Swamp Milkweed Seeds

Swamp Milkweed Seeds

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Swamp Milkweed Seeds Description

Swamp Milkweed is a 4’ to 5’ tall native perennial with bright pink showy clusters of pink and white flowers. As its name implies it prefers moist sites such as wet grasslands, stream banks, wet open woods, swamp and marsh edges and wet ditches; however, it will grow in seasonally dry areas. Swamp Milkweed grows in full sun or part shade. Except for a few west coast states it is distributed over all of the US. The conspicuous flowers make this a great garden plant for pond edges, detention areas, or other wet soil site. It is a normal inclusion in wetland reclamation and remediation mixtures as well as wildlife seed mixtures. It is deer resistant but is an important food and larval host plant for a large number of pollinator species.

Swamp Milkweed Seeds Planting Instructions

Swamp milkweed is a tall plant with fragrant, showy clusters of pink and light purple flowers. It does well in landscape plantings with moist soil and in plantings near bodies of water. Unlike many ornamentals, swamp milkweed tolerates heavy clay soils and is very deer-resistant. It prefers moisture retentive to damp soils in full sun to partial shade. Established plants can be divided in late spring. It prefers neutral to slightly acidic soil. Its moisture requirements are high, and it is primarily found in moist habitats such as wet meadows, floodplains, riverbanks, pond shores, stream banks, wet woods, swamps, and marshes, although it will also grow in drier areas such as prairies, fields, and roadsides. Swamp milkweed needs full sun or partial shade to flourish. It is insect-pollinated and self-fertilizing