Joe-Pye Weed Seeds

Joe-Pye Weed Seeds

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Joe-Pye Weed Seeds Description

Joe-Pye Weed is a 3’ to 7’ tall, or sometimes much taller, native perennial with whorled lance shaped leaves. The flowers are in 1’ wide or larger dome shaped heads of small bright fluffy pink /purple flowers. Joe-Pye Weed grows best in medium to moist soils and part shade, but will tolerate full sun. The height and large flowering heads make this plant a favorite for gardeners. It is often used in wet meadows, woodland edges, and in the rear of plantings for its effect. Joe-Pye Weed is a good nectar flower for honey bees and other pollinators and the seeds are eaten by numerous birds. Native Americans used Joe-Pye Weed in herbal remedies to treat a host of medical ailments.

Joe-Pye Weed Seeds Planting Instructions

Plant your Joe-Pye Weed seeds in a sunny, weed-free, moist/wet well-drained soil. The plant will tolerate sandy soil, loamy soil and clay soil. Seed should be ready to harvest by late August or early September. Sow freshly harvested seef within 2 weeks after harvest on a soilless medium designed for seed germination. in 4-6 weeks, seedlings should be ready to transplant into liner pots or trays. during the second week of May, pruce back liners so they are 7-8 nicehs tall and they should be ready to plant.They can also direct seed in any season into the soil if you are growing it as a wildflower.