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Bergamot Seeds

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Bergamot Seeds Description

Bergamot Seeds are a great addition to your backyard wildlife habitat.

Bergamot also known as Bee-balm is part of the mint family. The flowers lavender in color bloom from June to September and the stems are square with grey-green foliage.

Bergamot has many uses. The Indians would use Bergamot in cooking meat because of the flavor. Some also used it for medicinal purposes from the relief of headaches, to relieve colds, abdominal pains and acne.

Bergamot Seeds Planting Instructions

Plant your Bergamot seeds in a sunny, weed-free, well-drained soil. Water until rain comes. Bergamot seeds can be broadcast on a weed-free surface from January to mid-May in sunny locations. Once the Bergamot seeds germinate seedlings should be watered during extended dry periods. During the first summer of full growth mow the area 3 to 5 times to keep plants between 8 and 4 inches tall. Mowing also reduces weeds.

After planting your Bergamot seeds and they are established they will still benefit from extra watering during dry summers. Continue mowing the area, once a year, after the hardest killing frosts or following spring. Division of large Bergamot plants every two to three years will also keep them healthy. You can divide mature clumps in March before they send up stems. Dig up a portion of the clump, divide into sections, replant and water promptly.

Bergamot seeds and plants are available from many nurseries. It is best to plant a species from your local area, adapted to the specific conditions where the Bergamot plants are to be grown.