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Little Bluestem Seed

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Little Bluestem Seed Description

Little Bluestem Seed are planted and used as forage for livestock, erosion control, and for backyard wildlife habitats. Little bluestem is a medium height grass with basal leaves and stems. Little bluestem is a very popular warm season grass and after the Little Bluestem Seeds are planted they will continue growing through the hot summer period until the first killing frost. The plants are green, but have a purplish tint and the base of the stem and after frost the whole plant has a reddish cast. The Little Bluestem Seed heads are about 3 inches long and hairy. After the Little Bluestem Seeds are planted the little bluestem plant height is from 18 inches to 3 feet.

Little Bluestem Seed Planting Instructions

Little Bluestem Seeds will grow on a variety of soils but is best adapted to well drained, medium to dry, infertile soils. Little bluestem is one of the most widely distributed grasses in North America. Little bluestem should be seeded in early spring. When the Little Bluestem Seed is broadcast a packer should be used to firm the seedbed and the Little Bluestem Seed should be planted ¼ to ½ inch deep. No nitrogen fertilizer should be used in the first year.

The little bluestem should not be grazed as forage during the first year of establishment. Grazing of cool season grasses that will complete the warm season grasses should be done in the spring.