Indian Grass

Indian Grass

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Indian Grass Description

Indian grass is a native grass and warm season grass. Indian grass grows 3 to 7 feet tall, and the seed head is a single, narrow, bronze-yellow panicle that matures to brown. The seed is light and fluffy with small awns attached. Indian grass is adapted from Florida, north to Canada and west to North Dakota, Wyoming and Utah. Indian grass grows well in well-drained upland sandy soils. It is tolerant of poor and well-drained soils, and textures from sand to clay.

There are many uses for Indian grass including: Erosion control, Livestock, Pollinators, Restoration, and Wildlife. Indian grass attracts white-tailed deer and the seed is consumed by birds and small animals, livestock also forage on Indian grass and other warm season grasses on rangeland, pastureland, and hay land. It also helps in critical areas and roadside cover subject to wind erosion.

Indian Grass Planting Instructions

Indian grass requires a soil temperature above 50F for germinations. The optimum time to plant Indian grass is from early May to late June. The planting site should be free of weeds for the Indian grass, and a moist, firm seedbed is essential. Using a roller packer to firm the soil before the Indian grass is planted will ensure the correct recommended seeding depth.