Illinois Bundle Flower

Illinois Bundle Flower

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Illinois Bundle Flower Description

The Illinois bundle flower has the alternate names of: false sensitive plant, Illinois mimosa, and Illinois desmanthus. The Illinois bundle flower is a member of the legume family, and is a warm season native plant. When fully mature the Illinois bundle flower stands 1.5 to 4.25 feet tall. The leaves of the Illinois bundle flower are sensitive to sunlight and touch which cause the leaflets to fold inward. It is a self pollinated flower the produces clustered flat shaped pods containing 2 to 6 seeds. The pads split open at maturity and the brown seeds are scattered by wind and wildlife.

Normally found growing in association with warm season grasses, the Illinois bundle flower is often found in prairie remnants, woodland edges of disturbed areas. It grows more abundantly in an area with greater rainfall.

Illinois Bundle Flower Planting Instructions

Illinois bundle flower can be planted alone at a depth of ½" on heavy moist soil or up to 1 inch deep on dryer sandier soils. If the Illinois bundle flower is planted into a prepared seed bed with mulch the chance of establishment would increase. Mid spring planting is best for Illinois bundle flower providing optimum moisture conditions.