Native Plant Plugs

Plant Plugs

Roundstone Native Seed now has plant plugs for sale. Whether you are looking for native plant plugs, flower plugs, or wildflower plugs, our premium plant plugs are easy and care free after they are established. We offer several different native plant plugs that are beautiful and can attract birds and butterflies that you can use for your butterfly garden.

It is easy to create a beautiful backyard wildlife habitat using our native plant plugs.

  1. Choose the species right for your region and environment. If you are unsure of what plant plugs are best for your region or when to plant just click here to find out or you can download our booklet.
  2. You will need to till the area or use an herbicide such as Roundup to get rid of competition from existing vegetation.
  3. To make sure you get the best results and color saturation from your native plant plugs you can group the plant plugs by species and plant in clusters for the best burst of colors offered by these native flower plugs.
  4. You will want to plant the taller species plant plugs to the back so you don't hide the shorter native plants and wildflowers. Plant your clusters a part 1 foot minimum, but you may need more room depending on your preference.
  5. Be sure to plant the native plant plugs in good loose soil that has been tilled. If you are planting in harder soil that is untilled you can use a dibbler bar to plant the native plant plugs.
  6. Be sure to water your plant plugs right away after you have planted them. You will want to make sure you have good soil contact and minimal air between plant plug roots and soil.
  7. Next you will want to mulch the area to keep it moist and damp on the native plant plugs until they are established.
  8. To maintain the area and keep unwanted species out of the area you will need to weed and maintain like most other flower gardens. The flower plugs will get more established and give you the results you want without any other unwanted weeds.

After your plant plugs are established you will get to see your backyard wildlife habitat in its full glory. It is simple to move these plant plugs if you decide to change up your wildflower garden, or if you decide you want to grow your wildflower garden and get more plants for butterfly gardens all you have to do is add more wildflower plugs until you have your desired backyard wildlife habitat.

If you need establishment tips you can download our book, or you can go to our establishment tips page by clicking here and we will give you information on when to plant your backyard wildlife habitat. We will also tell you how to prepare the site, seeding methods, and maintenance to make sure you get the most from your new backyard wildlife habitat.